Monday, April 28, 2014

Absalom's Anger

I thought it would be helpful if I shared some of the Sunday school and vacation Bible school lessons I've put together over the years.

Absalom's Anger (2 Samuel)

Absalom, King David’s third son, was born during David’s early reign over Judah. He had a half brother named Amnon. Absalom and Amnon had different mothers.

One day, Amnon pretended to be sick and asked that Tamar, Absalom’s sister, be sent to his room to make food for him. Amnon hurt Tamar, but David did not punish him for it. So Tamar told Absalom what happened. He was angry, but he waited two years before exacting his revenge. He murdered Amnon.

Afraid of what might happen to him, Absalom fled to Geshur, where he stayed for three years. A friend of Absalom’s asked King David if he would allow Absalom to return, but he said no, and it took two years before David would allow Absalom to come back, which made Absalom very angry; so angry that he tried to overthrow his father. Absalom stirred up the people and David was forced to flee to Jerusalem. Eventually, there was a big battle that pitted King David against his own son.

When it looked like Absalom was going to lose the battle, he ran away on a mule. His mule ran under an oak tree with many spreading branches. Absalom’s head of thick hair got caught in the branches and he was shot dead by three darts. David, despite everything, still loved his son, and couldn’t celebrate his victory because he was so sad over Absalom’s death. He even wished he was the one to die instead of Absalom.

In some ways, King David and Absalom’s relationship is like our relationship with God. Sometimes we do things that make God sad: we don’t make the right choices, we hurt people, we get angry and do bad things. The good thing, though, is that unlike King David, God is always eager to welcome us back when we are ready. He wants to keep us close to Him. Absalom became so angry that his actions caused his own death. We’re in the same situation. When we sin against God, we risk eternal separation from him because we know the wages of sin is death (Romans 6:23). We should not to miss the opportunity to repair our relationship with God, especially when we know He is so happy when we are ready to come back.

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