Saturday, January 17, 2015

Tough Choices

Life is about choices: good ones and bad ones, easy ones and tough ones. This year started out with a tough choice--am I or am I not planning vacation Bible school (VBS) this summer?

Our church is very small and there are very few children right now. The children are also spread out in ages. We have a teen, a tween, two preschoolers, and an infant. Sunday school has become a challenge because the church needs to have in-depth and meaningful lessons for the older kids, but it also needs lessons that are easy to understand for the preschool kids.

Though our numbers are few, VBS has always been important to our ministry. We used to spend months planning VBS, but now it only takes a few weeks. We've gone from five days down to three days. As I looked at my calendar this year, considered our numbers, and pondered the age gap, I came to the decision that after more than 30 years, our church would not be holding vacation Bible school this summer. Yes, my girls have always loved it, but it is time to focus our attention on other outreaches.

It seems like the right choice, and yet, I struggled with it. Does canceling it this year mean VBS at our church is done forever? Is this just one step toward the closing of our little church? Though faithful, one can't help but consider how this one choice impacts the future.

Please pray that we follow God's direction and that He continues to bless this little church.

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