Monday, October 31, 2011

Little Shepherd 2011 VBT

The Little Shepherd 2011 Virtual Book Tour starts tomorrow. Right now, I am sitting at my in-laws' house, since a freak October snowstorm has left us without power. I'll still be checking it at my stops and traveling around the Internet. Hopefully I'll be back home and things will be a bit more normal by Friday.

Hope to see you around the blogosphere!


Tuesday, November 1st
Wednesday, November 2nd
Book reviewed at Splashes of Joy
Thursday, November 3rd
Podcast interview at A Book and A Chat 6:30 PM Eastern (Lack of electricity may cause rescheduling)
Friday, November 4th
Book reviewed and giveaway at Day By Day in Our World
Monday, November 7th
Podcast interview at Stories from Unknown Authors 1:00 PM Eastern
Tuesday, November 8th
Book reviewed at Unionvale Homeschool
Wednesday, November 9th
Book reviewed at One Day at a Time
Thursday, November 10th
Interviewed at 4 the Love of Books
Friday, November 11th
Guest blogging at Nancy Stewart Books Blog
Monday, November 14th
Book spotlighted at The Plot
Tuesday, November 15th
Guest blogging at The Plot
Wednesday, November 16th
Thursday, November 17th
Book reviewed at Shaky Mommy
Friday, November 18th
Guest blogging at InkyBlots
Interviewed at Examiner
Monday, November 21st
Guest blogging at J Q Rose
Tuesday, November 22nd
Blogging at Little Shepherd
Wednesday, November 23rd
Book reviewed at Coffee and a Keyboard
December dates coming soon!


Melanie Ski said...

Wow you guys sure ended up with a serious snow storm. Thankful you have somewhere to go with power!!

Cheryl said...

Thanks Melanie. It is bad out here. I've never seen anything like it.

We hope to have power back late today.