Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Christian Non-fiction Titles on Tour with Pump Up Your Book

As a book publicist, I don't always get a chance to choose the books I represent. I do, however, try to stick with books in certain genres when I can. Here are two books I'm representing in December that I thought might be of interest to you.

Taken word for word as heard from God, Closet Words is a collection of powerful and penetrating words written down in the stillness of a prayer closet. Hearing from God for several years, Kim Hilton began writing down what she heard. Encouraging, uplifting, and challenging words with a clear message to His servants, Closet Words gives a renewal and refreshing word to the Christian believer.

The world cries out for the fulfillment of Christ's model prayer. The opposite of some foolish utopian dream, here is an imaginative but realistic Biblical guide to that world. Thy Will Be Done presents a powerful depiction of a sinful earth redeemed and transformed by Christ as proclaimed by the prophets. A lifetime study of the Bible's specific instructions for loving God and loving man fuels the author's thoughtful extended, everyman essay. A few simple Biblical principles guide a systematic and practical approach to a fulfilled Gospel life, providing the needed tools.

The author weaves a tapestry of possibility–Christ's people growing as salt and light, putting flesh on the Bible's vision of blessing in every aspect of human life and endeavor. The message brings joy to all peoples and glory to the One who came to save the world. Let us hasten the day!

"Ron Kirk comprehensively applies the Lordship of Christ to all areas of life." (Peter Hammond, The Reformation Society, South Africa) Hammond, The Reformation Society, South Africa)

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