Saturday, November 16, 2013

Little Shepherd VBT Results Week 2

I hadn't planned to talk about this, because I've learned over the years that watching your Amazon stats can make you crazy. I went out to Amazon to check stock of Little Shepherd and discovered that it is right now listed as #45 in the Top 100 best selling books in the Large Print, Children's Books category.

In addition, my stats, which before my virtual book tour were well over one million are now listed at 154,093. Each time I've toured with Little Shepherd I've gotten good results. Now, you're probably thinking it's because I'm in the business; but I can honestly say I'm not doing anything different than what I would do for any of my clients.

What I do believe makes a difference is that I promote each tour stop here and on my social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter) and sporadically on Google+ and Pinterest. That means, I'm reaching Pump Up Your Book's contacts with news about my book, plus my followers, and all of those who follow the blogs who are hosting me. I can type my name into Google or my name and the book's title into Google and come up with results that include many of my tour stops.

Virtual book tours provide great exposure for authors. I'm seeing that firsthand.

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