Thursday, January 30, 2014

Writing World Update

I felt it important to write a brief writing update based upon the goals I set for 2014. Here they are again:

Daily Bible reading between 8 and 8:30 a.m. 

Am I reading every day? No, but much more than I was before; usually four or five days a week I read a chapter. I like posting about it here, too. Not only does it keep me honest, it makes me feel like blogging here more often, which helps me to focus on my intention to spend more time promoting myself this year.

Reduce blogging/reviewing duties.

So far so good. the traffic at my other blogs hasn't suffered much. I'm still blogging a few days a week on most of them. If I end up having to close some of the smaller blogs down, then so be it.

Complete the first draft of my middle grade historical, Amelia's Mission, by February 28th. 

This has always been an ambitious goal; made more so by the fact that I spent the past two weekends in classes training to get my real estate license. I still have major studying to do before I take the test, but at least the class time is out of the way.

I decided to go back to the start of Amelia's Mission and really go through it so I could continue. After some cutting and editing, I added 746 more words to it. Right now, I'm on Chapter Six. I also bought two books for research purposes, which I know I'll use again. Plus I borrowed two other books out of the library. These last two should help me accurately depict Amelia's time at the female seminary her aunt is sending her to starting in a future chapter. I'm excited!

Research one new publisher/agent a month.

Between getting the kids back to school, snow days, early release days, and working on book tours, this suffered in January. I'm still hoping tomorrow or Friday I can check this one off January's to-do list.

Write one short story for submission each quarter. 

Because my focus has been on Amelia's Mission, I haven't thought about this one yet. Realistically, I'll have to come up with an idea or work on something I already have in mind by mid-February to meet my goal. We'll see what happens.

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