Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Little Shepherd Virtual Book Tour - Day 22

Patty over at Broken Teepee reviewed Little Shepherd today as my virtual book tour continues. I think I mention Patty's blog title in a future guest post this month. You'll have to follow along during November to find out.

Here's some of what she had to say about Little Shepherd:

"This is a truly sweet holiday story to share with your children."

You can read the full review at http://www.brokenteepee.com/2010/11/blog-tour-and-book-review-little.html

Leave a comment for your chance to win some great prizes. There is another giveaway for those who purchase Little Shepherd through to the end of my virtual book tour on December 17th and send me proof of purchase.

You can find the details of both these giveaways at http://www.pumpupyourbook.com/2010/09/27/giveaways-announced-for-little-shepherd-virtual-book-tour-octnovdec-10/

You can purchase a copy of Little Shepherd at

Barnes and Noble
Guardian Angel Publishing

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