Friday, October 22, 2010

Giveaways Not an Email Collection Party

As you know, I am on a two-and-a-half month virtual book tour to promote my first children's book, Little Shepherd. Part of this tour includes two giveaways.

Even though I remind my clients that comments don't buy books, readers do, I have been surprised by the lack of comments during my tour. Considering that I am running a giveaway that only requires a reader to leave a comment and her email address at each blog stop, I was expecting more people to turn out. I have over 70 stops, so if you think about it, a person who comments at each blog stop has over 70 chances to win the gift basket that I put together.

It occurred to me today, however, that perhaps people are thinking I am using this giveaway to collect email addresses to target future marketing events. Not a bad idea, and I'm sure a lot of people do it. I just don't. I think it's kind of smarmy to run a giveaway for that purpose.

So rest assured, the only reason the email address is necessary for this giveaway is to give me a way to contact the winner. I'm not going to take your email addresses and create a marketing database out of it so that I can send you tons of promotional blurbs for the next several months. It's just not how I operate.

You can find details for both giveaways I am running at

Thanks again for all your support.


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