Saturday, October 2, 2010

It's Crunch Time!

We're down to the wire. The Little Shepherd Virtual Book Tour is set to kick off on Monday, October 4th. I just handled the last of my to-do items that had to be completed before the tour starts, so now I get to feel a bit anxious over how it will all go. I sometimes feel anxious over my clients' tours--especially ones where I'm fostering a relationship with a new client--but this time the anxiety is more personal.

What if reviewers don't like the book? What if no one comments on my tour stops? What if no one purchases a copy of Little Shepherd over the next two and a half months? How will I juggle being a touring author and coordinating my clients' tours over the next few months? What if I have to spend less time with my girls to make sure everything goes smoothly?

I'm going to pray that all goes well and that my worst concerns don't come true. I would appreciate your prayers too.

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