Tuesday, October 5, 2010

New Reviews Posted at Amazon for Little Shepherd

I went out to Amazon tonight to see how things were going with Little Shepherd. Imagine my surprise and joy when I found the following two reviews there:

"Wise beyond his years, young Obed has become a seasoned shepherd boy. Acutely aware of the hillside surroundings while tending his flock Obed stares at the sky in wonderment. A single bright light fills the sky. At first afraid, Obed felt a calmness wash over him as the beautiful angels descend, proclaiming "A Savior has been born to you; he is Christ the Lord."

Unsure what their message means, Obed looks to his father for guidance. With reassurances from his father, Obed and the older shepherds journey to Bethlehem to meet the newborn King. Their journey and meeting Christ the Lord is nothing less than miraculous.

Your fist reaction may be, oh goodness another story on the birth of Christ. Toss those thoughts away and immerse yourself and your children into the magical arrival of Christ the Lord. Children's author, Cheryl C. Malandrinos has re-explored and created a beautiful re-enactment of Christ the Lord's birth in a unique and awe inspiring rendition which surely will become classical reading in Christian religious school studies and home libraries.

The old time illustrations expertly created by illustrator, Eugene Ruble will leave you feeling that you journeyed through the countryside with Obed and his fellow shepherds."

--Donna McDine

"The Christmas liturgy, presented from a child's point of view - simple, innocent, open to wondrous occurrences - both highlights the majesty and wonder of Christ's birth and makes the liturgy accessible to God's beloved little ones. I bought four copies already for the children in my family and I can't wait to present them. I'm sure this book will be treasured and read over and over again. This is a beautiful version of the greatest story ever told and I highly recommend it."

--K.M. Daughters

It's so wonderful to know people are enjoying my book. Both these ladies are authors. Donna McDine is currently touring with her historical children's storybook, The Golden Pathway, and K.M. Daughters is the writing team behind the popular romantic suspense series, The Sullivan Boys. A new release is anticipated soon, but readers can find Book 3, Capturing Karma, here.

My heartfelt thanks go out to these talented ladies who sought fit to post their reviews of Little Shepherd at Amazon.

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